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All you serious blunt smokers out there, listen up! If you often smoke blunts, you’re probably aware of the names Swisher Sweets and Optimo. But there’s finally some competition for these tried-and-true standbys. Natural Backwood tobacco is gaining renown as the source for some incredible tasting and calming blunts. Here are the five simple steps to rolling a Backwoods blunt for the discerning smoker. Are you looking to get backwoods cigars ? we have authentic backwoods at our store at the best prices. Order backwoods online now

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Everyone has their own taste when it comes to blunts.Many experts, however, agree that Backwoods has a flavor profile unparalleled by other blunts. Cigar made by Backwood are the only ones on the market made entirely from natural tobacco leaves. Tobacco used in Backwoods cigars is matured for at least a year after being produced in the United States.You can Order backwoods online at the best wholesale prices

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