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Buy Wedding Cake Dankwoods online, A.K.A Pink Cookies, Is The Familial Genetic Cross Of Girl Scout Cookies And Cherry Pie.  However, wedding Cake Is A Confection Hybrid Strain That Gives Relaxing Yet Uplifting Effects. It Is Perfect For Daytime Enjoyment And Will Deliver An Energizing Kick To Get You Through The Day. Wedding cake dankwoods for sale, dankwoods shipping anywhere, exotic woods pre rolls, dankwood pre rolled

In addition, it Contains 2g Of Premium Flower With A Quarter Gram Of Concentrate, Rolled And Dusted In Kief. Wedding Cake Doesn’t Exactly Taste Like Any Traditional Nuptial Dessert Most Have Ever Tasted — Instead, Its Profile Is Mostly Sour And Tangy With Just A Hint Of Creaminess.

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-Ginger Spice


Positive Effects






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Negetive Effects After Overdosing

-Dry Eyes
-Dry Mouth


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Outdoor Cultivation Requires Consistently Warm And Humid Conditions Around 75 Degrees Fahrenheit; Indoor Grow Operations Are More Easily Controlled And Can Accommodate The Medium-Height Plants. In Order To Bring Out This Strain’s Full Purple Potential, Growers Should Expose Plants To Colder Temperatures. Just Before The Flowering Period To Stimulate The Aforementioned Anthocyanin Pigments. Dankwoods shipping anywhere

. Gelato Flowers Within 8 To 9 Weeks When Grown Indoors And Is Ready For Harvest In Mid October When Grown Outdoors. Despite Limited Information On Cultivation Of This Strain. We Know That Its Thin Mint And Sunset Sherbert Parents Have Higher Than Average Yields. Finally, This Strain’s Pungency Makes Itself Known During The Growing Process — Indoor Growers Should Put Odor Control Measures Like Carbon Air Filters Or Exhaust Fans In Place. Exotic woods pre rolls, dankwood pre rolled



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