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Backwoods Corner is the  best place to Buy Vlone Runtz strain Online. Zkittlez X Gelato were crossed to produce the indica-dominant hybrid Vlone Runtz (70% indica/30% sativa). Vlone Runtz is a fantastic fruity option for any indica enthusiast, and it will have you coming back for more. Vlone Runtz, like its namesake candy, is incredibly sugary and delicious, with overtones of tropical fruits and ripe berries and cherries. However, you can also Vlone runtz weed for sale, order vlone runtz strain, gummy runtz strain, og runtz price

Vlone runtz weed for sale

 Even more sugary sweetness is added to the aroma as more and more of it is inhaled, making it just as enjoyable as the flavour. When you inhale Vlone Runtz, a wave of heightened mental euphoria will surge through your head almost instantly. As your thoughts relax into this blissful condition, a relaxing body high will seep into your physical form, putting you into a deep couchlock and making you feel completely groggy and tired.

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

THC: 29% – 31%

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Vlone Runtz is frequently chosen for the treatment of illnesses including insomnia, nausea/appetite loss, chronic stress/anxiety, and chronic pain due to its extremely high 29-31% average THC level and its effects. In the shape of grapes, the olive green nugs of this bud are covered in orange hairs and have a deep purple hue with crystal trichomes.

gummy runtz strain

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I used a handheld dry herb vaporizer in the woods to try out this strain. Incredibly, both times I smoked this strain, I had a fantastic high. High-quality cannabis such as this is ideal for use in a dry herb vaporizer. White Runtz marijuana in a vape pen produced a considerably more potent high than when smoked traditionally. I’ve found that vaping makes the effect stay much longer. If you’re vaping this strain of cannabis, you won’t need as much as you would if you were smoking it. Og runtz price


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