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Buy Lemon Tree dankwoods online, Came Up As A Result Of A Hybrid Crossbreed Of Lemon Skunk And Sour Diesel. This Hybrid Took Home The First Prize At The 2014 Seattle Cannabis Cup For The Best Hybrid Thanks To Its Eye-Opening Flavor And Dazzling 20-25% Average THC Level. This Strain Gives An Expected Flavor Of Sharp Diesel Scent And Similarly Sour Flavor, Accented By Subtle Notes Of Lemon Citrus Due To Its Whopping 25% In THC Level. Lemon Tree dankwoods for sale, order dankwood prerolls online, dankwoods wholesale, dankwoods official website


Lemon Tree Buds Have Round Dark Olive Green Nugs That Are Perfectly Coated In Furry Amber Hairs And A Deep Coating Of Super Tiny Bright White Crystal Trichomes. Lemon Tree dankwoods for sale

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-Sour Diesel

Positive Effects


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Negative Effects
-Dry Eyes
-Dry Mouth

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As A Matter Of Fact, People Might Prefer Utilizing An Online Dispensary Either Because They Live In An Area Without A Pharmacy, They Prefer To Keep Thier Cannabis Transactions Low-Key Or Because They Are Just Reluctant To Go To A Dispensary And Find It More Convenient Doing It Online. Order dankwood prerolls online


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