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Buy golden state banana online,  may be better-known for produce like oranges and avocados than for bananas, but this Indica-dominant strain stands to change that. Golden State Banana is a mix of fruity Banana Kush and Ghost OG and offers smokers a tropical flavor to complement its deep mental and physical buzz. State Banana’s THC content has been measured at levels ranging from 15% to an insane 30%. Golden state banana for sale, golden state banana strain, buy backwoods in Toronto, buy exotic backwoods

Golden State Banana’s flowers catch the eye right away with their impressive size. These large nugs hold together in a chunky, bullet-like formation and have a characteristically indica structure, with a dense core. The small, tightly-coiled leaves are a cross between mossy green and banana yellow and are wound through with curly orange pistils. Finally, a dewy blanket of amber-colored trichomes covers all visible surfaces of these buds. Buy golden state banana online

Buy golden state banana online 

When properly cured, Golden State Banana gives off a mildly fruity scent that carries a faint whiff of banana. Closer inspection may also detect some sweet and borderline skunky aromas. Grinding up these flowers, meanwhile, yields rich notes of pine and tobacco. When it’s combust in a pipe or joint, Golden State Banana burns with a smooth and herbal-tasting smoke; this smoke tastes fruity with hints of citrus on the exhale. golden state banana for sale

As with many other Indica-leaning strains, Golden State Banana can have a slow, progressively mounting high. As many as 15 minutes post-ingestion, consumers may start to feel head-focused effects like an increased pulse around the temples; stimulation of the salivary glands and some flushing in the cheeks are also commonly report. As they adjust to these unfamiliar tics, though, smokers become privy to a newly activated mindset in which thoughts seem to take on a new intensity. golden state banana strain

This plugged-in way of thinking can facilitate buzzy, free-flowing conversation in social settings. In many cases, Golden State Banana’s mental effects can also take the form of sensory distortion. Leading to phenomena like hyper-focused vision or amplification of any ambient sounds. Those who appreciate these psychedelic effects can crank them up by indulging in some spacey music or a visually compelling movie. Buy backwoods in Toronto, buy exotic backwoods



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