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buy banana kush dankwoods online, This Strain Has A Good Blending Of Bananas And Good Kush. This Legendary West Coast Strain Crosses Ghost OG And Skunk Haze To Create An Indica-Dominant Hybrid That Tastes And Smells Like A Bushel Of Fresh Bananas. Banana Kush Dankwoods Is Bred By Cali Kush. It Is A Crossbreed Between The Widely Known OG Kush Mother And A Banana Father. Banana kush dankwoods for sale, order dankwoods banana kush, dank vapes flavors, dank woods blunts prices

The Result Is A Delicious Strain That Is 60% Indica With An 18-20% THC Concentration. It Is Not Recommended For Amateur Growers Because It Can Require A Great Deal Of Attention. banana kush dankwoods for sale

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Banana Kush Can Be Grown Indoors Or Outdoors. Having A Lower Yield Than Other Strains, It Flowers At About Eight To Nine Weeks. Outside, The Strain Can Reach Up To 16 Feet In Height But Will Mature Better In The Controlled Environment Of An Indoor Grow. order dankwoods banana kush


-Tree Fruit
-Tree Fruit

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-Dry Eyes

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