This one is for all the dedicated blunt smokers out there. If you are a consistent blunt consumer, then you are probably familiar with brands like Swisher Sweets and Optimo. Yet, these long-time favorites now have a little competition. All-natural, Backwoods tobacco is earning a stellar reputation for inspiring some ultra tasty and relaxing blunts. For those seeking a high-quality smoking experience, here’s the scoop on how to roll a Backwoods blunt in five easy steps. buy backwoods online, order vanilla backwoods in canada, Where to buy exotic backwoods russian cream backwoods for sale

When it comes to blunts, everyone has their preference. Yet, as many connoisseurs can attest, few blunts taste quite as good as Backwoods. Unlike other brands, Backwoods cigars contain 100% all natural tobacco leaf. Made in the USA,  Backwoods tobacco is aged at least one full year before making its way into your cigar. Order vanilla backwoods in canada, russian cream backwoods for sale, buy exotic backwoods

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